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My photography is all about people.

I can't remember a time before being fascinated with photography.  Even from my earliest memories, I loved everything about it; looking through my parents old black and white prints of days way before my time began, playing with the old manual slide projector shining old grainy photos on the wall and imagining what life was like back in the days when grandparents were young, playing with old 35mm cameras that I didn't really understand at the time and being completed amazed by newest technology of "Polaroids" with the ability to develop the prints right before my eyes.

Even now when I look at those photos, I'm flooded with memories of those times with my family, my friends, our pets and the old neighborhood where we roamed free without a care in the world.

That's what photography means to me, a remnant of a time in my life that still lives in memory.

I still love it!


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